Ponyland Records is a small independent DIY record label set by by a bunch of likeminded, creative, music obsessive individuals as an outlet for our own material and to inspire other people to get off their sofa's and go out and create a something for themseleves.

Inspired by the late 70s and early 80s Punk DIY ethic of the xeroxed fanzine, the cassette culture or the self financed 7" single. In our world DIY does not mean shoddy or inferior, on the contraray like a homemade cake is superior to a supermarket cake and handcrafed items are superior to mass produced. Then this music, lovingly, obsessively, personally crafted has more to say than any of the throwaway pop comodities produced by the likes of X-Factor. Being a great singer/musican is not necessarily - in fact probably won't, result in a great band or great music... there is sooo much more to it than that - in fact it is more about your attitude, being an outsider and music being at the centre of your universe.

Of course being DIY gives us the absolute total freedom to do whatever we want to do in the way we want and when we want... That's why we're independent and unrepentant